How to seal block paving to stop weeds?

Before you start, make sure to select the right sealant for the specific type of paving you have – concrete or clay. There are a wide range of sealants available and you would be best advised to select one that is specifically suited to your type of paving, to minimise issues from arising.

Despite their name, all-purpose sealants are actually largely ineffective, offering a one-size fits all approach, as opposed to more targeted tackling of weed growth. Select the sealant that will give you the effect you are looking for: matt, wet look, damp look, low sheen or neutral.

In terms of cost, you really do get what you pay for. Generally speaking, the more expensive the sealant, the better it will be.

Which type of driveway will last the longest?

Gravel Driveways – Like asphalt, it’s a very low-cost option. Unlike asphalt and other solutions, gravel driveways can last you a lifetime, provided they get the proper maintenance. Maintenance isn’t expensive and doesn’t require any special tools.